July 2018 ||| Skills: Research, Ideation, Design

Chorus is a Collaborative Music player app which not only lets user play music but also allow them to create a shared playlist in which others can also join and add their songs to play along.
The app includes the party mode feature in which if you’re (user) is hosting a party and each guest wants to play their own songs. Then the host can create a party (shared playlist) and can invite guests to it. The list enables the users to queue their favourite songs and play them in sequence.
The project was for self-practice. So I tried to take it through the process covering each stage while designing a product as much as I could. It took some time for research and competitive analysis, then i jumped onto wireframes to draw out the flow and then Visuals.
This solution explores areas of potential improvement in user engagement. Wireframes or UI are suggestive. There may be things that require further tweaks or directions that need rethinking depending on hard data at hand.